Shisha Rental


 Are you thinking of something different and unusual?  With our unique Shisha Rental service you can make your next celebration  memorable.  

You can pick-up or we deliver the Shisha directly to your event; giving you the privacy and comfort at your own party while being fun, simple and affordable for you. We will instruct you on how to prepare the Shisha before leaving the event.This will be your chance to get creative and surprise your friends. You will then have to make your own Shisha with your favorite flavors and tastes. The only thing left to do, after that is to light a coal 

Shisha Catering


 If you planning a private party or a corporate event or just want to smoke Shisha at your home – we will create a tailored solution for you. All our solutions include modern design equipment, high-end accessories and a personal Shisha professional who will ensure that you always get an unforgettable smoking experience. Our Shisha catering service is at your disposal 24/7 (advance booking required).